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Protect Your Mattress

Protect Your Mattress

Oct 8th 2018

Our Bare Home blog is on a cleaning streak, so let’s continue our journey with mattress protectors. Mattress protectors get a bad rap. For some, the words “mattress protector” conjures up long-lost memories of summer camp and the plastic wrapped mattresses that squeaked when you moved and caused night sweats only an exhausted elementary school child could sleep through. Understandably, this is why some people need convincing. You mattress is an investment piece. We spend a significant amount of money on our mattress and spend hours getting up close and personal with it every day. Let’s be honest, some of us eat, sleep and basically live in our beds and that can cause some big problems. It is our opinion at Bare Home that everyone should have a mattress protector on the bed, and it’s not just because we sell them!

Most of us wrongly equate mattress protectors and plastic sheets. In actuality, most mattress protectors are soft and the average person would never notice the technology laying just beneath them. Our Bare Home Soft Top Queen Premium Mattress Protector uses a cotton terry top layer that is super breathable and absorbent. The sweat, spills and other liquids stop there though because the flexible and protective membrane right beneath it repels fluid. This means that any moisture is stopped before getting to your mattress and kept in the top layer of the protector where it has a better chance of evaporating. Plus, it’s washable! Anything that spills on your sheets is stopped from getting into your mattress and the protector is easily thrown in the washing machine for a quick fix.

Your sheets are not enough to keep your mattress dry. Let’s get real here, you sweat when you sleep. Everyone does. Your body is constantly leaving moisture behind and your sheets, no matter how nice, are not absorbing everything. Moisture is a mold’s best friend, so a protector will severely cut down your chances of growing anything. It also protects you from dust mites and other bacteria that love skin cells, crumbs and humidity. So when you eat, drink or even just sleep in your bed, using a mattress protector is paramount to keeping your mattress dry, happy and smelling great.

Bonus! Looking to start fresh? Before you throw on that mattress protector, refresh your whole mattress. Sprinkle a little baking soda over the top of the mattress and let it sit for about an hour. The baking soda will not only deodorize but pull up and absorb any moisture or oils lingering in your mattress. Use a handheld vacuum or hose attachment to pull up the powder. This will refresh your mattress before you start protecting it. Before sprinkling make sure to check any cleaning directions you may have gotten with your mattress.

Happy sleeping from Bare Home!