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Oct 8th 2018

The Danish concept of hygge (pronounced hue-guh) is here to make your life a little more comfortable. Hygge is the lifestyle of being present and letting feelings of comfort, sweetness and cozy wash over you. This delightful idea is sweeping across popular culture and making life a little gentler for those who are embracing it. According to The New Yorker, as of December 2016 there were at least six books published in the United States focusing on the concept of hygge and even more in the United Kingdom. This modern celebration of cozy celebrates soft environments, time with people we care about and of course, comfortable blankets.

If you have been staring at Instagram, enjoying the simple style and general lack of busy, you are not alone. The modern and minimalist home design trend is still going strong and has been comfortably tweaked as of late. More bright colors are popping up next to the black, tan and greys and the personalized is cool again. Cold and hard interiors are being softened while designers take the modern aesthetic and giving it some hygge.

This concept is not just about decorating, it's all about living in comfort. Treating yourself with kindness. Making cozy items available and useful and spending time designing your bedroom, your reading nook or living room so it maximizes your enjoyment of the space. It's not about design for the sake of design, it's about design for the sake of usefulness and comfort.

Creating a world where you can feel content and calm is the key concept behind the hygge trend and we are Bare Home are intrigued!