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Caring for Egyptian Cotton

Caring for Egyptian Cotton

Oct 8th 2018

You have taken the plunge and decided to upgrade to Egyptian cotton. Congrats! You will be rewarded with wonderful nights of rest and relaxation. But what happens the first time you have to wash your new treasures? Most experts will advise you to launder your sheets weekly for maximum comfort and cleanliness, so it’s important to make sure you’re doing it correctly to keep your bedding in top shape.

Cold Water

Wash your new sheets in cold water. You have probably been told to wash your bed sheets in hot water to get rid of any oils or smells, but cold water is much better for the longevity of the fabric. Cold water protects dyes and maintains the shape of the item and usually cleans just as well when you launder regularly. Plus, not using warm water for laundry is better for the environment. Win-Win! Don’t forget to wash your sheets separately to avoid snags or tears.

Check Your Detergent

Bleach and Egyptian cotton are not friendly. The Egyptian cotton's softer fibers can be damaged by bleach’s harsh cleaning power. Stick with gentle detergents to avoid shortening the lifespan of your sheets. Don’t overdo the detergent either. Follow the instructions for how much to use for the load-size to lessen the wear detergent can cause.

Pre-treat Stains

While you are looking for gentle detergents, don’t forget some gentle stain treatments. As we’ve already mentioned, you’re going to want to wash your Egyptian cotton in cold water, so taking care of those pesky stains before you stick them in the machine will keep your sheets stay fresh looking longer.

Gently Dry

The ideal way to dry Egyptian cotton is on a laundry line. For most of us though, the line is not always an option. Don’t fret! A low heat setting on the dryer will still be a huge improvement over a high setting. You can even dry them on a no-heat setting if you have the time. Don’t forget to put your dryer on a gentle tumble and throw in a few wool dryer balls to decrease the drying time and fluff up the fabric.

Haven't taken the Egyptian cotton plunge yet? Check out our Bare Home Egyptian cotton line to improve your bedtime experience. Follow these instructions and your new sheets should live a long and comfy life.